Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inspiration :: Obscura Coffee

Obscura Coffee import fair trade coffee from Laos and make coffee in their spot at the Kensington train station in Melbourne. I can't recall how I came across their website but I found something about them quite captivating and ended up ordering a couple of bags of their coffee to try. What really convince me to place an order was the beautiful artwork by Eveline Tarundadjaja adorning the bags. She's a wonderful artist and I liked the idea of having an everyday item be a vehicle for art.

I was excited to get the package yesterday. Lovely brown paper coffee bags and I believe they use a Print Gocco machine to print them. They also send me a re-useable fabric take-away coffee cup cuff*. Score!

I made myself a double shot latte this morning with the Bruno variety. It's a nice, gutsy tasting coffee but I prefer my regular stuff, Rubra's organic mexican beans. In any case, thank you Obscura, for adding some beauty to my morning routine.

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Tom said...

You are welcome!